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  • Hello everybody - my intro - why do I do design

    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by danbendixon, May 16, 2014.

    1. danbendixon

      danbendixon New Member

      May 2014
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      One of the reasons I got into plastic product design is from seeing poorly designed products. They cannot be repaired when broken or even that perform adequately in the first place. Poor plastics designs are used that should have been obvious to the manufacturer. Most replacement parts for consumer products are not available, either at all or for just a limited time. Still many consumers go for the inexpensive price in place of longer term durability and quality. Many times this product is all that’s available.

      I’ll bet anyone reading this can give me an example of disappointing results they have had from the products they have purchased. In my opinion, this situation as described above has created a need. I believe people ever increasingly desire better products that last and that can be repaired. What an opportunity for the creative thinker! In my business I see companies and consumers starting to demand something better. To pick on one product, every year I have to buy several more hose spraying attachments for my yard use. They simply break and are not repairable. There are many more examples. Hopefully, I will get many requests for plastic product designs that include durability and repairability in their design intent.

      Dan Bendixon - a concerned designer
    3. navada_do

      navada_do Member

      Mar 2014
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      Hi Dan, nice to see you.
      For plastic design - prototype making, do you know any 3D printer with good performance and good price, thanks

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