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  • Hello everybody, new member here conducting research on the mechanical design process

    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by Diarmuid, Aug 18, 2014.

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      Aug 2014
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      Hi all,

      I would firstly like to introduce myself, my name is Diarmuid from Ireland and I have attained a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and I am currently completing my MSc in Project Management.

      My Master's thesis is focusing on the combination of two management methodologies for the benefit of the mechanical design sector. Basically I am trying to determine if a traditional mechanical design methodology can co-exist with a software development methodology. From the research I have conducted so far I believe there is some similarities within the software development industry that could be transitioned into the mechanical design sector.

      To fully understand this idea further I need to conduct a number of interviews with personal from the mechanical design industry and I was hoping by posting here I would find some individuals that would be interested in participating. I must add that all participants information, opinions and beliefs will be treated strictly confidential.

      If anyone is interested in helping me could you please private message me. I would greatly appreciate it.


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