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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by John_Hubble, Sep 7, 2018.

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      Sep 2018
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      John Hubble Entrepreneur l Engineer l Designer
      President, Hubble Engineering. - For over 17 years, Hubble Engineering has been an important strategic partner to companies and start-ups seeking to differentiate their unique products and sophisticated concepts through innovative thought and design. The firm practices user-centered design strategies developing green and sustainable products, as they leverage creativity, a deep understanding of branding, cutting edge technologies, lean manufacturing, commerce and scientific research into award winning products, that serve as powerful marketing tools for greater market share and profits.
      Director, Orb VR Labs. Founded in 2016 Orb VR Labs is a Vertical Reality content creation company, formed from the experience of successful individuals and companies in film production, post production, engineering, gaming and web development. With over a century of combined experience in entertainment and a passion for VR, AR and Mixed Reality.
      We have worked for companies such as StrenuMed, Zimmer, Stryker/Mako, VQ OrthroCare and OsteoMed

      I hope to share some of my projects and insights. Thanks for reading.

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