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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by Two-Shoes, Oct 14, 2011.

    1. Two-Shoes

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      Oct 2011
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      Hi Everyone
      Just say'en Hi from the Great White North...
      I am sitting here in a t-shirt almost hot in mid-October, who knew, so much for great white.

      I am a born gear-head, and designer, just something that comes naturally to me.
      For fun I write for several magazines (mostly ghost writing, economy sucks) and I have been told I should be a professional photographer. That would take all the fun out of it, lol

      In my spare time, lots of that currently, I design and build custom vehicles, hot road, off road, expedition and RVs.

      This forum looks to be a great place to hang out, glad to be here.

      Kevin Dances with Trees Willey

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