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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by Torquin, May 12, 2011.

    1. Torquin

      Torquin New Member

      May 2011
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      Hi there!

      I'm a recent graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering and I'm new to this forum. My majors are:
      B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
      B.S. in Management Information Systems
      Minor in Mathematics

      I enjoy energy systems design, FEA work with Ansys or Patran, plain ol' paper diagramming, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics (and HVAC/psychrometrics) and a variety of materials mechanics (especially gears, shafts, and flywheels). My senior design project was funded by NASA through the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium: we designed a power system to collect energy, store it, and then transfer it electrically (or otherwise) for use on the moon. Our storage system was a flywheel shell to be filled with lunar dust and balanced.

      I also have extensive IT background and have been a CCNA. There's a whole world behind my IT background but it is probably not as relevant here. Thanks for reading!
    3. GarethW

      GarethW Chief Clicker Staff Member

      Jul 2009
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      Hello Torquin - welcome to the forum!

      Very impressive! Any pics, drawings or details you can share with us?

      What's your plan now you've graduated? Any possibility of an openins at NASA or in the space industry for you?

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