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  • help needed for pneumatic molding idea

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by greensheep, Jul 24, 2011.

    1. greensheep

      greensheep New Member

      Jul 2011
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      After many frustrating attempts at making bath bombs by hand, I found a youtube video of a guy selling a machine that makes them utilizing a pneumatic cylinder. (the b3 bath bomb machine -- psE4LXcIHyU) While I have no doubt that his machine is wonderful, I also thought I could probably build a similar one for, well, a fraction of the cost. Which is needed for my student-type budget :oops:

      When I first sat down, I thought it would be a simple 5 minute parts list and a grainger order, but after (probably OVER) thinking it, I'm paranoid about the details--so after re-reading all of the fluids and pneumatics chapters, then thinking about pharmaceutical tablet presses and reading everything from patent applications to industry guides on industrial ceramics--in GERMAN!!, I think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

      Can someone help me? I actually bought the mold (die) itself, from the willow company (it is split into a top and bottom half, and supposedly has threads on the top. I would be so, so grateful, if anyone could help with suggestions/help/ideas for :a suggested "buy" list (double action cylinder? 6 in travel? how does one do the 2 button safety trigger?), how critical doing the math is first (or does this look like a trial/error could work) and if anybody has any creative ideas to make things simpler.

      I'm sorry if that sounds like a lot to ask--and doubly sorry for my terrible weekend grammar--I just feel so overwhelmed!

      it seemed like such a simple thing when I started, and now seems well, overwhelming. But, then I found a post on here about a guy looking to make a snow brick machine, and he got wonderful advice and feedback, so now I'm hopeful again. If you can't help, that is okay too, but thank you in advance to anyone/everyone that can. :D
    3. AndrewNew

      AndrewNew Well-Known Member

      Jul 2010
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      Does it need to be a powered press? From what I can tell from the video, you only need to apply a load of around 300 lbs (he mentions 90 psi air pressure, and I've guessed at about a 2" diameter piston). Have you considered just using a toggle press? This one, as an example, should be more than adequate http://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/p/products/0254844/ (600 kgf is about 1320 lbsf, you control the applied force by how hard you pull the handle - I'm sure you'd find an appropriate level). Alternatively, if you need more stroke (the toggle press has a stroke of 32 mm), you could try a fly press. You can pick either of these types of tools up on ebay used for less than £100/$200.
    4. Primeonly27

      Primeonly27 New Member

      Jun 2011
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      I have some pneumatic cylinders. You would not be able to do a very big one but may be able to make a machine that does one size and is more automated.

      You can find the pneumatic cylinders : Clippard Pneumatic Cylinder Cilinder d11-08-3 1/2" on my store site directly at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250825093284?refid=store

      If you look at the entire store http://www.Primeonly27.biz you might find it at auction sometimes and save. Also make a best offer if buying more than one. :cool:

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