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  • Help please!!! Fastening component to headphone

    Discussion in 'Joining & fabrication' started by fludwig, Feb 28, 2015.

    1. fludwig

      fludwig New Member

      Feb 2015
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      I'm designing a new headphone for a University project and I have a technical/engineering question. As I need to research and explain the building process, I appreciate if anyone with design/engineering knowledge could help me.

      The headphone will have an external component that will be attached/detached on and off the earcups. This external component weight will be about 50 g.

      I need to know what is the most suitable type of fastener to attach this component on and off the headphones, frequently and easily, without damaging the headphones earcups.

      I read about screws, latches, pins, push-on locknuts, clips, etc. But I have no idea which one would be the most appropriate, safer, and practical.

      I will be forever grateful if you can send me a good explanation of the best method to use.

      THANK YOU!
    3. john12

      john12 Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Dec 2018
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      Hi fludwig,

      When you say headphones do you mean large, over-ear headphones or in-ear?

      Are you planning to attach to the earcups themselves (as you mentioned) or can the device attach to the cable or headband?

      Does it only have to fit one specific model of headphones or many? If it's just one then could you post the model type (or similar?)

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