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  • Help please!!! Fastening component to headphone

    Discussion in 'Joining & fabrication' started by fludwig, Feb 28, 2015.

    1. fludwig

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      Feb 2015
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      I'm designing a new headphone for a University project and I have a technical/engineering question. As I need to research and explain the building process, I appreciate if anyone with design/engineering knowledge could help me.

      The headphone will have an external component that will be attached/detached on and off the earcups. This external component weight will be about 50 g.

      I need to know what is the most suitable type of fastener to attach this component on and off the headphones, frequently and easily, without damaging the headphones earcups.

      I read about screws, latches, pins, push-on locknuts, clips, etc. But I have no idea which one would be the most appropriate, safer, and practical.

      I will be forever grateful if you can send me a good explanation of the best method to use.

      THANK YOU!

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