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  • Help seeing where I fit into a job.

    Discussion in 'The Leisure Lounge' started by Jfanning, Jul 28, 2014.

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      Jul 2014
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      Hey guys, this is my first post and I was curious to see what you guys thought about where I might fit into a job in the next year. I'm gonna describe what I study so you guys can give me a good sense of where I stand. Thank you.

      I am currently going into my senior year at a well known State school in New Hampshire. I always enjoyed the mechanical aspects of things and even the engineering that follows into it but I never went forward into a engineering major. Honestly, I thought I was going into Business like the rest of my siblings but I knew I wanted to do something different. As I graduated HS, I fell in love with this school in NH and a major that is almost 8 years old and becoming very popular. Its called Sustainable Product Design & Innovation. Its a great major with aspects of mechanical engineering, industrial design, environmental studies and even business. We even have a 2 year old, brand new building with all new equipment from CNC machinery, 3D printers and high tech computers. The major is the closest thing to engineering the school has. We are one of a kind in this major, learning not only the basics of design and manufacturing but how to involve environmental issues into it. We study where our products are going and how they are being developed, either in a sustainable sense or one that is harmful. Our world cannot live on another 100 years of the same manufacturing processes we are doing, so we try to change that.

      For my skills, I am very experienced in CADD software, specifically Solidworks, where I have certification in the program as an associate and even looking into pursuing a professional certificate. I know a lot about CNC machinery and the CAM/CAD software that goes with it. I also have taken 3 product design classes, learning about different techniques that go into design and product development. I am also very fond of sustainability issues that are occurring in engineering processes and how we can maybe try to avoid these problems. I have a fairly large sized portfolio with different projects I have done. This upcoming fall and spring I will be adding around 7 more projects to beef up my portfolio some more. I am going to be taking a class on Advanced CNC Machinery, Product Design 4, Design for Manufacturing, and even some classes on Photoshop and Illustrator. I have a wide range of skills and I am very comfortable either working with design related material or even working with CNC and manufacturing processes. I am also a minor in Business Management and I have knowledge on Lean Manufacturing, Managerial Skills and Finance tactics. Lastly, I am currently a Intern in Boston for a well known sports apparel company working in the design/engineering department.

      So here's My question for the forum. With my background and description of what I do, will it matter if I don't graduate with a BSME. I have a lot of skills and even getting this internship helps me a lot but I want to know from you guys think I fit in somewhere. I will still have a 4 year degree but I feel like some employers might look over me. I know i'm probably over thinking this but I want to see your perspective. I am also looking into graduate schools and I know that would definitely help, but all aside I want to see what you guys say. Thank you

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