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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by ajelstein, Sep 29, 2013.

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      Sep 2013
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      Hi, My name is Andy and I just discovered this forum today. I have been an aspiring independent inventor for a number of years and mechanical design/engineering and problem solving are topics/activities that I enjoy immensely. I do not have any formal engineering or design related degrees, but I have always had an intuitive understanding of the way 3D objects behave and interact and I enjoy learning about the finer points of the various topics that become important in the process of developing and commercializing new products. I am currently about 13 months into the process of bringing my first product to market...my house is littered with prototypes, patent applications are pending, I have fabricated plastic/steel hybrid prototypes in hand, and I have most of the general business and marketing related items completed or well under way (i.e. business entity reg., trademark, logo, business accounting system, package design, etc...). At this point, I am making some final adjustments to the Solid Models before I initiate the manufacture of the tooling (3 plastic injection molds and 1 metal stamping tool). At any rate, I am sure that is more than enough about me.

      Thank you for the opportunity to participate, I hope to learn allot from the folks here and that I might have the chance to help others by sharing the research I've done and knowledge I've acquired in the course of my work.

      Best regards,


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