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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by LiMaoxing, Mar 18, 2010.

    1. LiMaoxing

      LiMaoxing Member

      Mar 2010
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      Hi everyone,

      My name is Li Maoxing, General Manager at JC Industry Limited. I found the Mechanical Design Forum is a nice place. I would like know more people in here.

      We are a manufacturer in china which specializing in the design?manufacture moulds?plastic, die casting?, CNC machining and Rapid Prototype. If you want to make your design in china, we can help you. we have profuse designs with series quality grade. JC Industries offers a full range of value added services including:
      -Rapid prototyping
      -CNC machining, milling and turning
      -Plastic Mold design and fabrication
      -Zinc/ Zamak/ Aluminum/ Stainless Steel die casting
      -Plastic injection molding

      Our mission is to provide our customers high quality products and services. We aim to exceed our customers' expectations in terms of pricing, quality and on-time delivery.

      For more details and to view our website: www.jiecheng-industry.com. Feel free to send us an RFQ for any of these processes.


      Maoxing Li

      General Manager at JC Industry Limited
      Website: www.jiecheng-industry.com
    3. GarethW

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      Jul 2009
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      Welcome to the forum Maoxing Li!

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