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  • How do BOSE make these Awesome LEDs?!

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by GregSmith, May 31, 2019.

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      Nov 2015
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      Hi, I work as a product designer an am trying copy a detail that Bose have on their head phones. Essentially they have what looks like flat black ABS plastic back light with some LEDS. Next to the LED is a printed symbol (Pad printing I think).

      How do they create this clever effect with the LEDs?

      At first I thought the plastic might have been translucent and that the black coating had been printed on the the outside. However, as you can probably see in the image, I tried scratching away on the top black surface to find that it looks like this whole chunk of material is black ABS.

      So how do they get the light through?
      • Is the wall thickness where the LEDs are super thin? But I tried poking the left one and it seems pretty tough.
      • Is there a hole all the way through the black ABS where the LEDs are and they insert some very tight fitting light guides/pipes?
      Any thoughts/comments would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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