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  • how to calculate and choose a motor for my special pump

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by newDesigner, Sep 11, 2013.

    1. newDesigner

      newDesigner New Member

      Sep 2013
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      We have a special liquid pump which is about 6cm in diameter. This pump has a big resistance which is about 32000kg. We plan to push the piston of the pump very slowly at about a rate of 0.0265cm/min.

      The piston will be threaded and there will be gears in between the motor and piston to reach the required speed.

      What we should do to choose a right motor?
      1. Calculate the output torque and power needed for the motor and
      2. with the calculated output torque and power to find a motor manufacturer?

      AND we also need your help about how to calculate the required output torque and power.

      Please help. Thanks,
    3. mechaboy

      mechaboy Active Member

      Aug 2013
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      i need a kind of picture and dimensions.then i'll understand how much i can help you.

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