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  • How to choose motor power to share lift a 20t Load ?

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Skyba, Sep 24, 2013.

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      Sep 2013
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      Hi everyone,

      In a project I have to develop a motor driven system to lift tanks of varying sizes. The Idea is to distribute the load on a predefined amount of Jacks that would lift the tank through motor-driven chain hoist. An example can be seen here http://www.in.all.biz/img/in/catalog/256202.jpeg.

      The number of jacks is such that each supports nominal load of 2.5 tons. The maximal load of each hoist is 5 tons . If we want to lift them over 2m in 15 minutes, i have calculated that the motor needs (In theory, for the maximum load 5t, without any further security factor)
      0.11 kW, Torque : 24 N.m, Spin : 42 RPM.
      For the nominal load that would be 0.055 kW and 12 N.m.

      I have read that a group of 5 AC motors conntected to 1 VFD and sharing the same load would naturally even out the torque between them because of the "slipping" of the motor that has more load than the others.

      How strong should my motor power be if I want to take advantage of the slipping effect ? Would oversizing the motor for security reasons not annull any of these effect ?

      Thank you for any answer. I appreciate your help.


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