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  • How to match grease(base oil viscosity,thicken)er) for manual gears?

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by xchcui, Mar 9, 2015.

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      May 2012
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    3. xchcui

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      Jan 2015
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      Exactly,Auto engineer.
      Vehicle manufactuer does not provide this information.
      I didn't intend to insult anyone.i am just astonished that in a forum that called itself "No. 1 mechanical forum",there isn't even one person that can answer that simple mechanical question,while i need to repeat my question again and again(my question is clear enough and is not complicated to understand)but got irrelevant answer.(if any).
      I know exactly what i asked.I should get an answer at the first post with no problem from an expert and i know what i am saying,i know what details should mechanical expert need to get in order to give an answer for this partcular issue.if you are an Auto engineer and you have professional knowledge with lubrications and gears,you should know that i don't need to mention any of the factors that you have been mentioned in order to get an answer,since i didn't mention a product that is unknown or a new invention.i mentioned a general manual regulator gear with pictures,all the manual window regulator gear are the same idea more or less.
      I gave up.I guess that nobody here have the knowledge for this simple question.
      It is very pity.
      Best regards:)

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