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  • Hydraulic System design for Impact force

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Mohsen1979, Feb 16, 2010.

    1. Mohsen1979

      Mohsen1979 New Member

      Feb 2010
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      Hi there
      For an application, i am designing a restraint mechanism to hold a heavy vehicle during loading and unloadin. Actuallt I have an arm, strong enoughin case of mechanical strength, which moved by a hydraulic cylinder.
      The force on the arm is about 200,000 N and according to the geometry of mechanism, the force on the cylinder is about 325,000 N.
      By considering 200 bar as working pressure of the system, I need a big cylinder. Actually because some limitaion I can't use a big cylinder.
      As some small movement during loading and unloading is acceptable for vehicle (about + / - 100mm), i am thinking if using a hydraulic circuit that can allow some movement to the restarint arm to decrease the effect of impact forces is practical.
      I mean I will set the working pressure on P1 (about 200bar), and during loading/unloading there is a presuure P2 about 1500 bar due the force on cylinder. Now the releif valve will be open and cylinder closed to arm moved. This can decrease the pressure in cylinder up to the set pressure P1 and in this pressure the cylinder will be stopped. After this impact force, the cylinder put the arm in the position. This situation can be happen by 1 Hz ferquency during working situation.

      Please give me some idea about the above line.
      Thank you in advanced.
    3. garnettools

      garnettools Member

      Feb 2010
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      Extrmely sorry! But I am not able to uderstand your problem. Is it concerned about the hydraulics...
      As far as the hyd. is concerned please note that at 200 bar pressure the Cyl. can be put to be of 150 ID and 185 O.D.. But if you want smaller dia of the cyl. simply increase the pressure to 325 bar...
      You may have to change the seal of the cylinder.. So you will get O.D. 135 mm. You want lower...
      Then please explain the problem once again with some pictures...

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