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    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by ryanpope1046, Mar 8, 2010.

    1. ryanpope1046

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      Mar 2010
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      I am new to this site. I would like to request referrals for mechanical engineering / electro-mechanical product design and project management.

      Thanks in advance,
      Ryan Pope
      915 497 5869
      El Paso, tx

      Cover Letter below:
      During my years in the field, experience has been acquired in consumer goods design, defining the project and electro / mechanical product requirements.
      I am a Project manager with Mechanical Engineer Bachelors degree. While working closely with the suppliers, customers and manufacturing. This has been done while focusing on new product supplier development, R&D, internal documentation and the project deliver-ables along with quality plans, procedures and processes.

      A position held was a manager for new product designs and maintaining excellent supplier quality and production and sales support.
      A position defined new product launches and implemented new supplier processes improvements as well as managed project budgets. While leading an introduction team experience was gained in problem solving, product reliability cost reduction, and design transfer into production. Additionally, skilled in quality assurance control and objectives and work instruction for lean product manufacturing and design experience.

      My experiences will allow me to be a very productive and effective member of the company with my management, organizational and PC {MS Office} skills. Adept experience in evaluating components, materials, and suppliers; identifying and resolving design integration/interface issues and all phases of product development via product specification and mechanical drawings {Cad}.

      And career relocation is possible and reasonable to explore without assistance in the move to your location.

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