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    Discussion in '2D and 3D CAD general discussion forum' started by Treetrunks, Jun 17, 2018.

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      Jun 2018
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      I'm looking for an alternative for my 3d and 2d modeling.

      I work for a small company that builds and installs lifting systems for theaters and arenas.
      We build a lot of our parts ourselves and for that I have been using Fusion 360 lately which I find easy to use and perfect for modeling parts ans smaller assemblies.

      Now the problem starts when I need to insert these assemblies to larger building plans, I have autodesk Lt and I can export a dwg file from fusion an with a little work use it in autocad , but it isn't very convenient or quick..

      For example:

      We are building a truss grid with winches and track systems and need to put i all onto a drawing. Both plan views and section views.
      In this case i would like to be able to start with a construction drawing in 3d from the company building all the steel necessary for us to install our motors etc..

      Then I would like to be able to insert my own 3d models of our winches and track systems and in the end be able to print everything out in with plan and section views with varying degrees of detail and scales.

      I hope I'm making sense and I would be very grateful for any suggestions and tips!

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