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  • I want to become a Mechanical Design Engineer

    Discussion in 'Mechanical design JOBS' started by maheshmnair1987, May 27, 2013.

    1. maheshmnair1987

      maheshmnair1987 New Member

      May 2013
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      Dear All,

      My name is Mahesh.I want to become a design Engineer.I have Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.After graduation , my 4 years of experience is in Project Management.Now I would like to do a transition from my current field to Design.I know a lot of hard work and pain need to face for achieving my goal.But I have a starting trouble like Where I need to start?
      Which are the courses I need to do for acquiring the skills?
      How I will produce my CV because my last experience is in project Management?
      I would like to know your valuable suggestions about my doubts.
      Please clarify.
    3. PierArg

      PierArg Well-Known Member

      Mar 2013
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      Hi Mahesh and welcome to MDF!

      It's very difficult to switch from one field to another because nowadays the job-specialization is the most important factor for a Company.

      If you really want to change your professional career, you should attend a post-graduate Master in Mechanical Design.
      You have a great advantage: being an engineer you already know the basics and foundamentals.
    4. jackkingsford

      jackkingsford Member

      Jun 2013
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      Welcome to this forum! I think you can include that project management experience in your CV. Just make sure that it’s not the only experience you have.

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