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    Discussion in 'The Leisure Lounge' started by tonycro, Dec 4, 2012.

    1. tonycro

      tonycro Well-Known Member

      Nov 2011
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      Well, actually this charity does. http://www.justgiving.com/Sophies-wish

      Lisa is a close family friend and her 8yr daughter has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Lisa and her friends, including my better half, are doing a 10k race on Sunday to raise money for the The Brain Tumour Charity.

      It is Lisa's and her families wish to help others by raising funds to help research and so prevent others suffering the same way.

      Angela, got from couch to race distance in 8 weeks but then damaged her tendon, and under medical advice can't now take part. but the others are still going and Angela will go and stand in cold and wave them on - so please help Angela feel better about standing in a cold Greenwich park on Sunday, dressed as Father Christmas, by giving a little to Sophie's Wish........... better yet give a lot if you can.



    3. MSHOfficial

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      Nov 2018
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      Hi, I know its few years too late. I was just skimming through the posts and found this. Well I wanted to know how is the daughter doing now? Did they make it upto 10k?

      What happened after that?

      I really hope and pray that she is in good health.

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