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  • Impact of AI on manufacturing

    Discussion in 'Manufacturing processes' started by Obashb, Dec 15, 2018.

    1. Obashb

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      Dec 2018
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      Manufacturing perhaps is one of the fields of engineering that is very dynamic and adopts or births new technology every other day. As technology expands, so does the need to improve production, cut down costs and automate production processes.

      The past few decades have saw an expansion of AI technology and application in engineering. So what are the impacts of AI on our manufacturing Systems?

      · Use of computer vision has given rise to high tech high level inspection devices, and that enables detection of even the smallest errors on parts or industrial processes, therefore giving full assurance in terms of quality.

      · Powerful design methodologies have been developed. For instance, generative design in which engineers have to feed in constraints and the design software quickly generates multiple design alternatives, while comparing their individual features.

      · AI enables engineers to undertake predictive maintenance procedures and eliminate guesswork when it comes to machine and equipment maintenance. Predictive maintenance avoids lag due to machine downtime.

      · The new idea of “digital twins” in which both the physical and computer/virtual world are interconnected to solve and analyse production environments in real time, adjusting systems for optimized productivity.

      What are some of the AI technologies you have come across that have been integrated in manufacturing processes?
    3. john12

      john12 Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Dec 2018
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      Are any of these technically 'AI' though, or just using computer systems to make manufacturing more efficient.
      I think we're at a slightly strange time in that the media and companies often use the phrase AI to describe a load of different things, none of which are really actually AI.

      I guess the closest thing to actual AI at the moment is Machine Learning, which definitely has loads of practical applications in manufacturing and design.

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