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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by lkk, Nov 1, 2010.

    1. lkk

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      Oct 2010
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      I am studying in Central Saint Martins and doing my placement at LKK Innovation Co Ltd. now.
      Lkk is a kind of poweful innovation company that has undergone international integration. With product innovation as its core of business, LKK provides one-stop service ranging from research and strategic consulting for product development to industrial design innovation, mechanical design, UI design and brand design. So far, it has won 8 top international design awards.

      In June 2010, LKK Innovation(European) Co Ltd was founded in London. Based on both Chinese integrating material supply and production resources in the China, LKK has gradually formed a supply chain managemnet system involving material, component prototype and mold supply, and mass production and assembly, providing integrated one-stop service, aimed at providing existing European customers with high-quality, cost-optimized design and supply chain services in a facile way, also helping customers to realize mass production and entry into the market.

      We are a new company in London and what I want to disscuss with you here is anything about Industry design in London and the different between China and Britain.

      Thank you and please don't hesitate talk product design, design innovation, design trends, design future or anything which related the Industry design such as good designer or kind of opportunities for both Chinese design market or Britain market etc with me. I am also want to tell you more about Chinese design today and share some successful Chinese product design with you. :)

    3. GarethW

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      Jul 2009
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      A warm welcome to the Mechanical Design forum lkk!

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