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  • integral mechanical attatchments

    Discussion in 'Joining & fabrication' started by Varjun, Jul 17, 2011.

    1. Varjun

      Varjun New Member

      Jul 2011
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      what is the novelty of using integral mechanical attachments in:
      1) the building of large structures
      2) micro and nano assembly
      and is their any novelty in it or is the old concepts just applied?
      is there any research going on? is it vital and is there any alternate design choices available?
      please specify any new journal papers...

      please help! :)
    3. hmck57

      hmck57 Member

      Feb 2010
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      Well, one thing to be said for "integral joints", if I understand your meaning, is that they generally have lower local stresses than do bolted or bonded joints. As the load moves from part to part attached mechanically, these locally high stresses are created which often cause failure, usually by fatigue. That is not to say that parts with integral joints don't have high stress concentrations - this can also occur due to poor geometry and material properties.

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