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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by jrclyde3, Feb 12, 2015.

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      Feb 2015
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      Hi everyone my name is Clyde Moore

      I design progressive dies, plastic molds and sometimes CNC fixtures for various tool shops. I retired from a defense contractor in April of 2014 and I missed the ability to be creative in the tooling industry. I have been either building tooling, selling tooling or design tooling sense 1967 right out of high school. So I started a small company to meet my need to keep up with current technology in the tooling industry.

      I work from my house, in central Florida, on a contract basis building 3D parts and assemblies of the tooling for these shops. I will also investigate the model we use to build the tool from to see if it has all the necessary features for unfolding to a flat blank, for stampings, or the correct draft with no undercuts, for plastic parts. When a CDR review of the design is needed I contact the client and setup a design review online to share my work. After the design is reviewed I update any changes as required and have another design review online for final approval. Most shops take my models and build the tooling with CNC equipment and a print is not necessary, but if they need prints I can provide them to the shop. Nothing is required for the client to complete the design reviews except an e-mail address and a computer.

      I have worked with clients from New York, Illinois, California and Washington. The internet is a wonderful thing when used for this purpose

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