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    Discussion in 'General jobs discussion' started by yashvini, Jul 6, 2018.


    Could this machine fit in 1000*500*1000 or less?

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    1. yashvini

      yashvini New Member

      Jul 2018
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      Dear everyone,
      So it's a project to make a machine that can wash reusable cups. However, there are quite a few problems, like how to get rid of lipstick, using brushes (they get dirty easily, silicon ones are an alternative but I am not really sure) I am thinking of having a vertical gravity system to reduce the number of moving parts so that cups could drop and get washed. But there is a problem of washing the cups just enough to remove the coffee stains without wasting water. Does anyone know anywhere where such a system has been applied, or if anyone has some experience with dishwashers, please do give suggestions that might be relevant.
      Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks a teratonne!
      Last edited: Jul 6, 2018

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