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  • Is the brightness of the injection molded product not enough? Five ways to improve mold

    Discussion in 'Plastic moulding' started by MIA WANG, Sep 15, 2021.

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      1 If the injection mold cavity processing is not good enough, such as scars, micro-holes, abrasion, roughness and other defects, it will definitely affect the plastic parts and produce a large degree of undesirable consequences, resulting in insufficient gloss of the plastic parts . Therefore, the mold should be carefully processed to greatly reduce the roughness on the surface of the cavity. Moreover, polishing and chrome plating can be selected when necessary to achieve the best results.

      2 If there are some untreated oil stains or water stains on the surface of the mold cavity, or if the mold release agent is used too much, the surface of the plastic part will appear dull and dull. When encountering this situation, the oil and water stains should be removed in time, and the amount of release agent should be limited at the same time.

      3 If the demolding slope of the plastic part is too small, it is difficult to demold, or the demoulding is subjected to excessive force, which causes the surface of the plastic part to be too smooth, then the demolding slope should be increased to ensure the plastic part The smoothness.

      4 If the mold exhaust performance is not very good, then too much gas will stay in the model, which will also cause the final product to appear poor gloss after molding. Therefore, it should be checked and corrected to ensure that the mold exhaust system has sufficient exhaust performance to avoid the presence of trapped gas.

      5 If the cross-sectional area of the gate or runner is too small, or the change fluctuates greatly, it will lead to excessive shear force acting on the melt during the flow of the melt, resulting in turbulent dynamic flow of the melt, which will also This results in poor gloss of the final product. Therefore, the cross-sectional area of the runner and gate should be appropriately increased to reduce the shear force to avoid turbulence and improve the gloss of the product.

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