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  • Jan 12th 2012: 100 year predictions, engineer e-petition, get on the TV....and more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jan 12, 2012.

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      Dear Forum members,

      Happy New Year to you, and welcome to the first digest of 2012. Just a quick reminder that the prize draw for the SpaceMouse Pro 3D mouse worth £249 is ending shortly. Hurry up to enter! Details here.

      Anyway, here's a collection of dicussion topics for you. Enjoy.


      Hot topics
      Ten 100-year predictions (made by an engineer!) that came true!

      In 1900, an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000. How did he do?

      Any low cost ways to obtain a legal copy of SolidWorks (for underpaid startup)
      I was asked to do design a part for a start up company who hasn't earn anything money yet (not even a single part is manufactured neither). But the design doesn't take too long to finish, so I wouldn't get paid enough to cover a commercial seat of SolidWorks. Is there any ways that I can.......

      PVElite Nozzle Input Query
      Hi Guys , I would like to understand a below query in PVElite Software .There is an option in Nozzle input dialaogue box says ID or OD Basis . If we consider the nozzle from Pipes then there is no much difference between both options.But For Integral / Hub & WN nozzles , Major difference in Area A6 .

      Question Plastic Punching question
      We are currently milling slots in an extruded plastic part on a 3 axis router. I'm investigating the possibility of punching these slots. Does anyone have experience with punching plastic or can recommend some one who does?
      Here are the basic specs on what needs to be accomplished: Slot dimensions- .3125" x 2.25" rounded ends
      Material- .25" thick PVC (possibly other material in.......

      engineer e-petition
      https://submissions.epetitions.direc...petitions/6271 got to be worth a try

      spindle support
      hv to design a support for a horizontal milling cutter spindle......the spindle will be loaded inside a hollow cylinder which will be supported by bearings.There will be a tight fit between the spindle and cylinder .For design of the cylinder should i use hollow shaft consideration or perhaps design considering it as some kind of a stepped shaft......

      Hand fed machine rotating knob question
      I understand that I can use ball screw driver with a motor shaft but it's not desirable with hand fed machines. My purpose is to design a manual knob which when rotates clockwise or anti-clock wise it moves a vertical rod up or down. what should I use??

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      Unanswered questions
      Polymer Memory Retention
      I'm designing a product with a seal which is to be compressed when not in use. The production material will be SEBS, but for a prototype, we silicone molded one from a Shore 60 A PU resin. It works very well, but when left compressed for a long period of time (over night for example), we noticed that the seal is slow to return to its original shape. This means that when you need to use the seal......

      At least a new aerospacel project promotted with heavy CGI that looks promising !
      Oh yeah here and around with hve trashed a lot of blank space filled with comments to describe our incredulity. But that one seems serious and ... brillant. Efficiency at work. Let me know your tought (read the comments bellow from "Docmordrid")......

      Anyone wanna be on the telly?
      Came across this on LinkedIn: Renegade Pictures, a UK based television production company, are casting for a Discovery Channel project and are looking for new talent. The series revolves around producing prototypes which aim to solve real world problems.......

      Geothermal power stations, braze/copper damage
      we're tendering for a generator inspection where the turbine is driven from geothermal steam I have a lingering memory from university that copper, that copper, or at least the silver within the braze alloy used join the sections together, can be damage due to effects from hydrogen sulfide, methane and ammonia present in the atmosphere......

      The best mechanical/industrial drawing books ?
      Does anyone know about of some recent changes of drawing standards? New specifications, "amendments", regulations, etc.? For mechanical drawings. I am interested for metric ISO standard.......

      Residual Stress effect on Crack growth
      i am searching about Residual Stress effect on Crack growth. I need some litreature. If some one have so please contact me......

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