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  • Jan 31st 2012: STEP or IGES?, preventing water leaks, reinventing the wheel ...& more

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jan 31, 2012.

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      Dear Members,

      Here's a selection of topics of interest over the last week. Please do check them out and where possible add your own responses - particularly if a question is unanswered!


      Topic of the Week
      What is the tolerance to prevent water leak from a bottle?

      I am currently doing engineering drawing for a bottle and now looking for the tolerance. Do anyone know what is the actual tolerance to prevent water leak from a bottle?

      Hot topics
      Pedal Powered Generator? I am thinking that anyone can build a better pedal powered generator than the ones sold on the internet. So I did some math but do not know anything about motor-generatorSTEs. Like can I get one that will generate enough power at the speed I can pedal, and how much resistance is there? And I was thinking there must be a brushless motor that would work........

      What is advantage and disadvatage of Diecasting
      Aluminium die casting is used by automobile company in large scale.

      Bicycle pedal torque applied by foot how much is the torque that a usual person enter over the bicycle pedal ? ( the range ) i want to know . is it enough to ride a bicycle through drastic uphill bye foot power? or use some booster to drive better . i want to design a hydraulic transmition for bicycle . do i have to use pressure booster to increase the force on rear wheel or the 1:1 transmited turk is enough ?

      STEP or IGES. Which one is best? People seem to have a preference for one or the other. I'm not sure why and I often think that they don't know why either! Which one is best? What's your preference and why?

      Plastic Punching question We are currently milling slots in an extruded plastic part on a 3 axis router. I'm investigating the possibility of punching these slots. Does anyone have experience with punching plastic or can recommend some one who does? Here are the basic specs on what needs to be accomplished.......

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      Unanswered questions
      Am I reinventing the Wheel? The idea centers around a mechanical means of climbing stairs. I've got a feeling that I'm going over old ground perhaps you can warn me. In climbing stairs one presses down on one foot and in so doing move the body forward and up, one then places the other foot on a higher step presses this down and remove the first foot. I am trying to simulate this by using......

      Price/kg of steel and aluminium sheet alloys I need an idea of price/kg of the following sheet material: Mild steel ST37, Aluminium 6062-T6 (or nearest equivalent) Does anyone have this info or can point me in the right direction?

      Electric Hydraulic Brakes on trains? Does anyone know if an application of electric hydraulic brakes has been attempted on railroad trains anywhere in the world and if so which railroads are using this technology?

      Spiral bevel gears and flexible shaft I want to join 2 stabiliser fins on the side of a ship with a flexible drive shaft so that only one drive motor is needed. If I use normal bevel geras I will get a reversal in the direction of motion.

      Inventor Divide an object with multiple curves i don't know inventor very well so maybe someone here can help me...i want to divide a 3d model with 3 archs. The problem is inventor just let me select one arch and not all so my model gets unwanted cuts.....

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