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    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by michaelg, Aug 23, 2011.

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      Aug 2011
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      Title: Senior Engineer, Mechanics Simulation
      Company: Nokia
      Location: San Diego

      Ideal candidate works as a Mechanical Simulation Engineer/Specialist, involved in structural modeling and product development using advanced FEA Mechanical Structural and Drop Test Simulation methods and tools. As a member of the Product Design team, you will be responsible for FEA modeling and material characterization. You will be fully integrated with the Product Design team from the pre-concept to concept stage and beyond. Analyzing and informing the mechanical design team of structural risks and robustness of product designs. You will be responsible for the correlation and development of your models and techniques. You will also work with cross-functional teams within NOKIA and with external suppliers to solve design related issues.

      Key responsibilities:
      • For assigned programs, assume ownership of all structural simulation projects. Identify design risks and advise, guide and steer the mechanical team to implement structural improvements.
      • For assigned programs, participate in reliability reviews for every key event from portfolio concepting phase to concept selection (approximately every two weeks).
      • As a member of the home site simulation team develop methods to shorten simulation lead time.
      • Actively contribute and support the Virtual Build Process.
      • Assist in diagnostic problem solving for test related failures and field failures.
      • Create, analysis and review detailed models for drop test simulation and other structural simulations using HYPERMESH, ABAQUS and SIMMANAGER.
      • Present drop test simulation results at design review meetings, highlight risks and structural vulnerabilities and work with the simulation and design team to resolve design issues.
      • Participate in project brainstorming meetings to resolve structural failures and design risks.
      • Train and coach the Design Engineers for robust design, best practices and in the use and development of Abaqus for Catia.
      • M.S. Degree (or Equivalent BSc and experience) in Science or Engineering.
      • Minimum of Two years of experience with ABAQUS and HYPERWORKS or a similar Preprocessor software package. SIMMANAGER experience would be advantageous
      • Solid knowledge and experience of implementing mechanical engineering best practices and a willingness to continue to actively develop your skills.
      • Two years or more experience in the design of consumer electronics product, preferably cellular handset with good comprehension of handset architecture.
      • An awareness of relevant design issues and product acceptance drivers.
      • Good understanding of commonly used mobile phone manufacturing technologies.
      • A natural instinct and perception for identifying potential problems and the insight to apply your understanding to develop and implement design solutions.
      • A passionate, involved and committed team player.
      • Strong interpersonal skills, outstanding verbal and written communication skills.

      To apply, please visit: http://nokia.taleo.net/careersection/10 ... job=875090

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