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  • July 25th 2011: Monday Mechanical Mashup

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jul 25, 2011.

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      :!: Hydraulic wine press - Beam calculations Im a home winemaker from israel DIYing an hydraulic wine press but its been a few years since I finished college and most of the theoretical stuff is.... missing :D .....
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      :!: Technology we REALLY don't want! Technology's just great. All us mech engineers love the stuff, don't we? However something comes up now and then then sounds pretty nasty. Let's share examples of technology (or applications of it) that we really don't want......

      :!: Aluminium box section compression load cal Can anyone help me determine the strength in compression (weight loading capacity) of a aluminium box section (30 x 40 x3mm wall thickness)that is 1400mm long in the vertical plane?

      :!: Options and tactics to protect the design of a product The company I work for has designed a product over 2 years that uses several electronic components including integrated circuit chips. Apart from patents what other options and tactics are there to protect the product from being copied?

      :!: patent/mechanical design engineer consultant I am trying to build a prototype of a patent I will be filing. I am looking for design engineer to develop plans or calculate the specifics that a CNC machinist would need in order to build it. It is a gasoline engine simpler than a one-cylinder internal combustion engine......

      :!: calculation of mass flow rate of Exaust gas I want to calculation of mass flow rate of Exaust gas from gas engine. i have fuel (gas) consumption available. please someone guide me how to proceed further.....

      :!: iPhone protective case Does people who are using iphone would think protecting cases are needed or not in US?are they expensive?what kind of proctecting case is more popular?

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      :?: help needed for pneumatic molding idea After many frustrating attempts at making bath bombs by hand, I found a youtube video of a guy selling a machine that makes them utilizing a pneumatic cylinder. (the b3 bath bomb machine.....

      :?: integral mechanical attatchments what is the novelty of using integral mechanical attachments in: 1) the building of large structures 2) micro and nano assembly
      and is their any novelty in it or is the old concepts just applied?

      :?: Heat Transfer Estimation I am working on a project involving this setup (please refer to the pic). Basically compressed air at a constant flow rate flows through a 1/4" tube to the tube shown and gets heated by the star-wound heater and, this hot air heats the small inner vessel and then leaves the system.....

      :?: Fake Apple stores in China When I was working in Suzhou, China in Jan '11 some colleagues and I went into an Apple store around the corner from the hotel. We concluded that it was most likely to be genuine, but we had a bit of a debate about it first! However this news story doesn't surprise me in the least!

      :?: EN-V concept car: GM's solution to urban transport It's basically a Segway in a plastic bubble!
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      New Knowledge Base material - can you help?
      I'm really keen to get as much good material into the Knowledge Base as possible and expand it as a resource, and make it a real hub for mechanical engineers. If you have written anything please let me know so that we can include it. Similarly, if you use or know about any handy resources/design guides etc, please get in touch to tell me. Perhaps the original author would be happy for them to be included. For example, member sdod linked to a fantasic PDF file about sheet metal bending in this thread. It was a real gem so I contacted the original author was only too happy for it to be included here

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