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    Discussion in 'Help, info & forum announcements' started by GarethW, Oct 17, 2010.

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      Hi all,

      I'm very pleased to finally unveil a brand new section to the Mechanical Design Forum - the KNOWLEDGE BASE! There's a link to it in the navigation bar at the top of each page, and you'll also see banners here & there announcing its presence.

      So what is this Knowledge Base thing?
      The Knowledge Base is an interactive repository of articles that relate to any aspect of mechanical design. The best thing about it is that YOU can contribute articles yourself. Please feel free to submit your own design guides, CAD tutorials, process descriptions etc - any useful materials or information that will be a help to mechanical design engineers. I've already contributed one or two articles to get the Knowledge Base off the ground, but your contributions are welcome and eagerly awaited.

      It's interactive too
      Other members can leave comments and rate articles, and you can come back at any time to edit/refine your article.

      A really nice feature of the Knowledge Base is that you can request an article. This throws down the gauntlet to other forum members who can choose to accept the challenge of writing that article. I've put in a few requests here. Anyone want to take on one of those?

      Don't be naughty
      The same rules apply regarding self-promotion (so no "How to design for the Acme Manufacturing Co Ltd process...blah blah... at Acme Ltd we can do this...blah blah get in touch with Acme Ltd etc" kind of articles please) ;)

      There may still be a bug or two here and there...
      There might also be a few bugs in the Knowledge Base software - nothing catastrophic, but please use this thread to shout if you're having problems (or just email / PM me), and please bear with me while I fix them!

      I hope that you find the Knowledge Base a useful enhancement to the forum.

      Now let's really start to share knowledge!

      Best regards,

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