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      Join us for 4 Interactive Sessions with Live Chat, led by our expert team of Application Engineers who use Simpleware software daily and know all the tips and tricks to make your life easier: segment quicker, produce models faster, inspect more efficiently...and learn many other solutions.

      Each 30-min session will cover a different topic:
      • Day 1 - Feb 22, 2021: Tips for Segmenting Complex Structures
      • Day 2 - Feb 23, 2021: Speeding Up and Automating Segmentation Workflows
      • Day 3 - Feb 24, 2021: Tips for Fast and Accurate Model Generation
      • Day 4 - Feb 25, 2021: Tricks for Inspecting and Sharing Models
      Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/835948108243757328?source=Engineeringclicks

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