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  • Lifting crane stability

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by david_in, Oct 31, 2013.

    1. david_in

      david_in New Member

      Apr 2013
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      my name is Davide and I'm designing a custom Crane for Lifting big tanks. I'm not really
      experienced with crane equipments but I've found a solution which fits with my
      space requirements.
      Each tanks I have to lift is:
      -1 ton heavy
      -size: L=2m, D=1m
      -lift height= 4.5m from the ground
      -application indoor

      My concept consider of having a telescopic beam supported on the bottom from a square
      baseframe (2x2m) driven by 4 wheel, 2 of them motorized. The beam is bolted in the
      center of the baseframe and a bearing joint allow to turn it 360°.
      The tank is on the top of the beam and is fastened to a shell support which allows
      axial shifting. So tank's center of gravity can be moved ±400 mm in axial direction.

      Actually the center of gravity of all the system (=lifter+tank) is just 400mm far from
      the beam, i.e. it's fully inside the baseframe area.

      The proper dimensioning of the structure is no longer an issue.
      I'm more concerned in the stability of the system both in static and dinamic conditions.
      About the dinamic conditions I'm considering to shift/operate the baseframe
      wheels when the load is lifted up just for small adjustment (accelerations negligible).

      I wonder what are the normatives/rules to be fulfilled during the certification tests.
      Currently I've just found the ISO 4310 (EN13001 and MAchine Directive valid in UE
      are not specific for stability checks)

      Thanks in advance for your support
    3. abhi.bdurga42@gmail.com

      [email protected] New Member

      Oct 2013
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      "If possible, try IS3177-1999"

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