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    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by brokenscrew, Jul 9, 2013.

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      Dear Mr / Ms

      My name is Joaquin Sales and I am a designer based in Europe, with special expertise in mechanical design.
      I am a Degree in Industrial design engineer. This is a 3 years degree and I had to bring work into line with studies.
      I have worked over 10 years in mechanical engineering workshops for industry and transportation of clay materials for ceramic powder, where he designed, along with the chief engineer, the general layout of the plant and individual plans of machinery or pipe to be manufactured.
      I also supervised the work of boilermakers and welders, and also went to the assembly for proper installation of the equipment. Occasionally also performed a calculation of structure.I've also worked as mechanical maitenance engineer.
      In the field of product design I have interest in the industrial design of consumer goods such as furniture, products, etc..
      I'm pretty curious and I always enjoy learning new things and give everything I can in my job and I consider myself to worker creative mind.As for my career objective, I would like to absorb and exchange as much knowledge and experience I can gain, not only for my career enrichment and my self development, but also to be able to contribute for company success.
      Thank you very much for reading this introduction and I leave to your review one weblink to my design portfolio.

      It will be a privilege to work with you. Thank you for your consideration.

      Yours faithfully

      Joaquin Sales

      e-mail :[email protected]



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