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    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by chaozhan, May 2, 2014.

    1. chaozhan

      chaozhan New Member

      May 2014
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      Dear all:

      My name is Chao Zhang, a mechanical engineering graduate student will graduate in this coming May.
      I'm looking for a mechanical engineer job in USA.
      Here is my resume, if anyone finds any job fits my background, please feel free to contact me.

      Thank you very much!


      21 Vinson Ave, Apt 6, Tonawanda, NY, 14150 ● 716-861-5172 ● [email protected]
      • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with hands-on mechanical design, analysis and manufacturing experience.
      • Demonstrable skills of GD&T, 3D CAD design and FEA.
      • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills with written and verbal communication skills.
      AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., LTD Shanghai, China
      Mechanical Engineer Intern, Transmission System Team of 40 Dec 2013-Jan 2014
      • Researched and developed the structure of modern aircraft engines, focusing on the transmission system (AGB, IGB and TGB).
      • Core member involved in redesigning a transmission gearbox by Unigraphics, which improved sealing, lubrication and processing.
      DART Lab in University at Buffalo-SUNY Buffalo, USA
      Student Assistant working 3D Printer project Jul 2013-Sep 2013
      • Redesigned Voronoi Diagram-based coil cooling system which can be applied in MRI machines and plastic molds by 3D Max and C++.
      • Created a unique 3D printer CAD model design from concept to functionality, which combines 2 different processes Stereolithography (SLA) and three degrees of freedom Direct Write (DW) by SolidWorks.
      Autobox Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD Shanghai, China
      Design Engineer Intern, R&D Department Jan 2012-May 2012
      • Cooperated with 4 senior engineers on a redesigning of the pedestals of robot hands in Unigraphics and created 100+ 2D drawings and 3D CAD modeling for various customers.
      • Significantly optimized the structure of the pedestal of the robot hands based on FEA by using ANSYS Workbench, which enhanced its stiffness up to 20% and saved 22% of materials.
      • Utilized CATIA to design A-Surfaces from point-cloud models for Volkswagen.
      Mahindra Yueda [Yancheng] Tractor Co., LTD Yancheng, China
      Manufacturing Engineer Intern, Rear Axle Assembly Line Jun 2011-Sep 2011
      • Researched different types of tractors for various working conditions.
      • Hands-on experience with assembling the rear axle and generated a report of the procedures.
      Wuxi Huaguang Auto Parts Co., LTD Wuxi, China
      Mechanical Engineer Intern, R&D Department Jun 2010-Sep 2010
      • Evaluated and improved the stress distribution of the coil spring of a suspension via FEA in ANSYS Workbench.
      • Led 3 colleagues in designing an auto part gauge model for support frame by using CATIA.
      • Hands-on experience with operating the stamping and welding machine, produced 100+ different parts with a fraction defective of 0.
      CAD Application course project: Design of Torsen Differential Jan 2013-Mar 2013
      • Designed a Torsen Differential including 94 pieces of parts, then assembled them and made an animation in SolidWorks.
      • Performed FEA to analyze stress and displacement on the main housing part to validate its stiffness.
      • Executed a dynamic and kinetic analysis for the entire system in Matlab, focusing on transmission efficiency and Torque Bias Ratio(TBR), demonstrating the model is always active and responding instantly to torque feedback from variable driving conditions.
      Manufacturing Automation course project: Security Door Sep 2012-Dec 2012
      • Designed a security door 3D CAD model including circuit board, motor, gears, and axles in SolidWorks.
      • Hands-on experience with machine tools (lathe, drilling, milling, and cutting) to manufacture and assemble the actual model.
      • Generated the Bill of Materials (BoM) and calculated a cost analysis to minimize the total materials cost.
      • Performed an embedded system design to make the door open/close as commanded using C++ language.
      Skills: GD&T, 3D CAD design, FEA, manufacturing processing, optimum design, DFMEA, dynamic analysis.
      Software: AutoCAD, UG, SolidWorks, CATIA, Hypermesh, ANSYS Workbench, Matlab, LabView, 3D Max, MS Office.
      Languages: Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, C++.
      University at Buffalo-SUNY May 2014
      Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering GPA:3.3/4.0

      Yancheng Institute of Technology Jun 2012
      Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering GPA:3.5/4.0
    3. Tunalover

      Tunalover Member

      May 2014
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      Do you require sponsorship?
    4. chaozhan

      chaozhan New Member

      May 2014
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      I can use OPT for 29 month. After that I need sponsorship.
      Thank you.

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