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  • Looking for an Mechanical Engineer to help design a 2D Prototype

    Discussion in 'Jobs available' started by Golf Guru, May 13, 2013.

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      May 2013
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      I am looking for someone to partner with on a project. I don't have the tools or knowledge to design the prototype I need. This product will be a game changer in a 62 billion dollar Golf market. I'd like to see if this can be designed simple or complex. Everybody will be very interested in this product. If the person is not interested in partnership I would refrain from answering to this post. Someone with a passion for Golf would be ideal but some one willing to create something that has the potential of making millions would be better. I have been around this business for 10 years and this product would become a must have. It would become the standard for which all Golf practice is done. The few people I discussed it with agree this would be a standard in the Golf industry. It is related to the Golf Ranges Golf industry. I have thought of a few types of prototypes that might work but I need someone with better understanding of what can be done to see if it can be made at a low effective price... Anyone interested please reply I will get in touch with you with more details.

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