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    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by amica, Aug 11, 2011.

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      Aug 2011
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      Please do not contact if you are an agency. CVs sent by agencies will be treated as private CVs and we reserve the right not to enter into any kind of contract with the agency sending the CV.

      That out of the way...

      Looking for someone who likes to design machines (we usesolidworks) and build them and keep them working. Mostly mechanical - highish stress designs - with electrical drives and a few other bits just to keep it fun. We're based in Slough. It makes sense if you're not based too far from there.

      Small company - nice people, even if we say so ourselves. If you happen to be a stickler for tidiness and organisation it would help (we're not all that way inclined but recognise the importance)

      amica at cleansteel.co dot uk

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