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    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Mar 16, 2010.

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      MDF Newsletter: 15th March 2010

      300 members
      A warm welcome to yairsimes who is our 300th member. At the time of writing we have 313 members. It’s nice to see that our ranks are steadily growing.

      Last call to win 3D mouse! :shock:
      You only have until midnight GMT on Friday to enter the prize draw! The only criteria is that you write 3 meaningful posts in the forum. Not long to go, so you better get those posts in if you want to be entered! Click here for more details.

      Avatar gallery / customize your profile
      Did you know that you could have a signature with up to 200 characters? Up to 5 hyperlinks are also allowed – perfect for directing people straight to your wesbiste / portfolio / blog / company website etc.
      Also, why not spice up your profile an avatar? I’ve recently uploaded a few hundred new ones to the avatar gallery (one or two random examples are shown below :D ) You can also create and upload your own (max filesize of 10kb, max size of 100x100px)
      Please visit your User Control Panel to customize your profile.


      Some of you are looking for work!
      Please note that we have a jobs section in the forum. Please use it to post jobs you are looking for or (if you are an employer) jobs you have available. There is also a general section to discuss any aspect of mechanical design jobs or working as a mechanical design engineer.

      We have recently had a number of forum members who are seeking work. Can you help?
      •matt_decat is a 4th year mechanical engineering student looking for some Industry Based Learning
      •reismj88 is a Recent College graduate looking for a position
      •ryanpope1046 is looking for Job in S.W. USA
      •Kumaravasanth is Looking for an opening as a Design Engineer

      Interesting or unanswered posts:
      1) What is your opinion of the Low End Educational 3D printers?
      2) How do you calculate the length of a tapered helix? – some great responses on this one now.
      3) Minimum shell thickness of pressure vessel - advice needed
      4) Anyone know anything about Modeling Half-Sine Shock Load in Cosmosworks?
      5) Any help, or comments are welcome on Stirling engine & solar furnace plans
      6) An article on “Technology and the Electric Guitarâ€. On the subject of music, here is a link to a thread in the leisure lounge.

      Link to us
      If there’s anything you can do to help spread the word about the forum I would very much appreciate it: If you get the opportunity, please pass on a link to the forum to any other mechanical design engineers, industrial designers or product designers you might know – student or professional. Alternatively if you have a blog or website, I would very much encourage you to link to us.

      Here is a button that you could use as a link on your website or blog. Please point the link towards http://www.mechanicaldesignforum.com/forum


      Best regards,

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