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    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Mar 22, 2010.

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      MDF Newsletter: 22nd March 2010

      Congratulations to swertel who has won the prize draw for the SpaceNavigator 3D mouse by 3Dconnexion!
      We’re planning some more prize draws and competitions on the forum soon – do keep an eye on the forum for the next one…

      The top 5 things I would like to design are…
      You might have noticed the new banner on the index page. This is a great thread started by camid. Please stop by and let everyone know what your top 5 fantasy projects are. Click HERE to go to the thread.

      Looking for work…
      We have recently had a number of forum members who are seeking work. Can you help? Please visit the “jobs wanted†page.

      There are a few recruiters registered at the forum. If you are one, or if you’re anybody who needs to recruit a mechanical design engineer, please use the “jobs available†board.

      Hot topics
      1) Help needed regarding Autodesk Inventor COG
      2) Does anyone use SpaceClaim?
      3) Your mechanical design work. Show us your best work. Some nice work is already on display – thanks to all who’ve contributed. I have added some of my own work. Would be great to hear some feedback & comments!
      4) Bicycle pedal torque applied by foot
      5) Institution Accreditation? Is there a benefit?
      6) What are you working on at the moment?
      7) Design classics – pictures thread

      Student advice
      I recently came across a product design consultancy website where each employee had each completed a questionnaire targeted towards students of product design, giving advice on the industry etc. It struck me that this forum would provide a perfect opportunity to do a similar thing, in order to help and encourage prospective students of mechanical design.

      Therefore, I have adapted the questionnaire to mechanical design (link below). I would like to encourage members to try to answer the questions as best they can. Hopefully it would give students (or prospective students) of mechanical design a real insight into what it's like to pursue a career in mechanical design. I will come back later and provide a few answers of my own!

      Click HERE to go to the thread.

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