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  • Mar 29th 2012: Are you creative? chain design, building a BIG servo ....& stuff.

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Mar 29, 2012.

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      [​IMG]As an engineer, do you consider yourself to be a member of a creative profession ?
      Interested to know how engineers perceive themselves.... The professions most people associate with creativity do not generally include any of the engineering disciplines, and yet to be a professional problem solver, which is what an engineer is fundamentally, means we must be as creative as possible. The best engineers aren't necessarily the ones who can follow the rules laid out before us, but the ones who find the best
      [​IMG]Idea to improve chain design I am trying to design a chain that should hold a mass against a cylindrical pipe(vertical). Each link has a wheel, thus the mass can be made to go around the pipe by manual force. My problem is that, each time the mass goes around the pipe and back to its initial position, its vertical position on the pipe has come down a little. I need to prevent this from happening. I am able to tighten the chain to reduce this problem a little, however I am not able to eliminate it.
      [​IMG]Calculating torque on hardened pins This seems a simple enough task to determine, but I don't think I'm doing it correctly. I would like to determine how much torque a pair of pins can handle. I am using the pins to transmit torque from one rotating mass to another. The pins are pressed into one mass and assume a close tolerance fit in the other and the two masses are flush against each other. I'm given the double shear load rating of one[​IMG]Have anyone tried Freelancing jobs before? I'm asking if anyone tried the Freelancing jobs before?, just was searching on jobs i can do online, and get paid from, and got the website " WWW.freelancer.com ", where you can find engineering jobs there, you can do, and get paid against doing it, but in a way is explained in the website, so here is my question:
      [​IMG]Plate roller Can someone help me in designing Plate roller (3 rollers) for rolling stainless steel 1mm thick for producing car mufflers[​IMG]API 610 Pump for Naphtha service I have a concern regarding the pump and the material of its construction for Naphtha service... It is an API 610 Centrifugal Pump (material is CS) 1 - The operating temp. is 40C. & as the boiling point of Naphtha is 25C, alot of cavitation might occur......
      [​IMG]Building a big servo Maybe someone can help me to solve this engineering problem. How you will see on the photos I need to add this little potentiometer to the big gear. It will give me the information about the position of big gear(the biggest with the hole inside). Off course it is better to instal this potentiometer inside the box, but it can be all so outside.[​IMG]CALLING ALL INVENTORS! - New Sky TV show MAJOR NEW SKY TV SERIES IS LOOKING FOR YOUR INVENTIONS! Objective Productions, the makers of ‘The Cube’ (ITV) and ‘Derren Brown’ (C4) are looking for British inventors to take part in a major new Sky series.
      If your invention is struggling to get off the ground, has been languishing at the back of your shed or you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall in how far you can tak
      [​IMG]cross sectional area of circular solid & hollow rod. please send me the formula to find the cross sectional area of fixed end circular solid and also hollow shaft under load "W". [​IMG]Proposed Electric Hydraulic Brake for Railroad Freight Service The current freight train braking system in use was developed by George Westinghouse in the 19th century it is a completely pneumatic device that contains the following elements on each freight car or wagon in a train. Individual air hoses and a cut-in valve and train line. The joining of the airhoses is done by hand. A triple valve which is the brains of the system and storage tanks......

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