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  • May 7th 2010 - Friday lunchtime hot topics

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, May 7, 2010.

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      MDF Newsletter: 07th May 2010

      With all this election stuff going on I completely forgot to write a full newsletter last night as I'd intended! Therefore, there's a quick Friday lunchtime digest of what's "hot" (or what needs an answer) in the forum this week!

      Hot / unanswered topics!

      :arrow: Bonding Polymer to Vitrified Ceramic
      :arrow: Ceramics and Secondary Casting
      :arrow:PDM for small comapnies
      :arrow:Social Networking for Professional Networking
      :arrow:The Trouble with Tribles (recruitment agencies)
      :arrow:180 Degree rotation applied with single hydraulic Ram
      :arrow:Acoustic Specifications and Standards
      :arrow:Pump pressure question
      :arrow:SolidWorks can be incredibly irritating at times...
      :arrow:Well this is purdy cool (U3-X from Honda)
      :arrow:How did you find the Mechanical Design Forum?
      :arrow:So where's everyone from?

      Here are some recently posted job opportunities

      :!: Senior Mechanical Design Enginers x 2 long term contract
      :!: Contract Design Engineer, 3-6 Months, Cambridge

      Say hello to the newbies

      :idea: I say... hello everybody!
      :idea: Hello From Rod!
      :idea: Deepak Gupta from India
      :idea: Hello
      :idea: Hi all
      :idea: Hello you all - from Israel

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