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  • Mech. & Chem. Engineer Positions at Early Stage, Boston Area, Energy Storage Startup

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by tfhavel, May 28, 2012.

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      Applications are invited from engineers at all levels to join an early-stage, Boston-area startup developing a novel form of compressed air energy storage. Those with strong backgrounds in pneumatics, thermal energy storage, heat pumps, heat and mass transfer through packed beds are particularly encouraged to apply.

      This is an opportunity to join the founding team at a new company with a large upside potential. Because the company is still prefunding, compensation will consist of stock only until sufficient capital has been raised to cover employee salaries. Similarly, relocation expenses cannot be covered at this time.

      Job Description:
      1. Lead the development of a novel thermo-mechanical energy storage system;
      2. Design, model, construct a fixed bed gas-phase reactors involving gas adsorption;
      3. Component selection and system analysis;
      4. Solid modeling, CAD design;
      5. Product costing;
      6. Interface with clients for application-specific design.

      The ideal candidate will:
      1. Have experience with the simulation and prototyping of heat transfer and storage systems such as heat pumps;
      2. General knowledge of or a background in chemical or mechanical engineering;
      3. Experience in CAD tools such as Solidworks or Ansys;
      4. Specific knowledge of absorption or adsorption refrigeration would be an asset;
      5. Previous experience in a clean tech start-up is also desirable.

      Application Instructions: Please review the company's web site for background, and send a cover e-mail summarizing your match with the above qualifications with a resume attached to Dr. Tim Havel.

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