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  • Mechanical Design Engineer - Acorn Product Development, CA

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by JobHawk, Sep 10, 2009.

    1. JobHawk

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      Sep 2009
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      Acorn Product Development is an exciting place to work!

      We are a top innovator in product design and engineering for global manufacturability. Our offices are located in Silicon Valley, Boston and China. http://www.acornpd.com

      Working at Acorn is an engineer's dream. You will learn more, grow faster, work with a really excellent team and be appreciated and rewarded for your contributions.


      You need:

      * BSME
      * 3+ years working in companies as a Mechanical Design Engineer doing system design, not components.
      * Broad based M.E. Design experience in 1 or more of the following markets:
      * Consumer products
      * Computers Networking
      * Biotechnology and/or Medical Devices (concept through clinical controls).

      We'd like you to have:

      * Excellent communication skills.
      * Some background working in smaller companies.
      * Solid experience working with clients, vendors and consulting.

      Your background should include:

      * Working knowledge of design using Injection Molded Plastics and/or Sheet Metal.
      * Pro/E Wildfire and/or SolidWorks.
      * Hands-on performance in shop/lab work.


      M.E Analysis experience in:
      * Strength of materials.
      * Heat transfer.
      * Tolerance analysis.
      * FEA.
      * Shock and vibration.
      * Design for manufacturability (high/low volume).
      * Project Budgeting/Scheduling/Management.
      * Project and Technical Reporting.

      In this job, you will:

      * Brainstorm/define & develop product solutions for client requirements.
      * Create detailed designs/documentation to meet program objectives.
      * Identify/perform engineering analyses.
      * Test/evaluate prototypes, tooling, and first articles.
      * Create project schedules & manage to schedule.
      * Produce project/technical reports.
      * Select and manage suppliers for prototyping, tooling & production.
      * Interact with and support client throughout all project phases.

      Send your resume to: Adrienne Landy, [email protected] for immediate consideration! Phone: 510-249-9699

    3. TDI

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      Oct 2009
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      does this position require one to be onsite at all times, or can this job be handled as project by project basis and have regular scheduled onsite visits for meetings, etc.
    4. JobHawk

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      Sep 2009
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      I don't know personally, I am just a forum administrator who posts jobs that appear all over the web. Probably best to contact the person who is advertising (contact details are in the post above).

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