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  • Mechanical Design Engineer based in Southampton UK - SEaB Energy Ltd

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      As a Mechanical Design and Development Engineer, you will be responsible for both the design and development of products. You will work from specifications to design new products and components. You will be asked to generate design schemes and provide initial drawings for prototype production and testing. You will produce 2D and 3D manufacturing drawings giving full dimensional requirements required for the correct functioning of the completed product.

      As part of the design team you will be involved in projects from the concept and detail of the design through to implementation, testing and handover. You will also be involved in writing maintenance programs, build documentation, operating procedures as well as project plans and ISO documentation.

      As well as technical knowledge, you will need to project manage and multitask. Additional attributes, such as team leadership and management skills, are required for career progress.

      Main responsibilities:
      • Identifying customer requirements
      • Designing systems and products
      • Reading/writing design specifications and technical drawings
      • Researching suitable solutions and estimating costs and timescales
      • Designing prototypes of products using two/three-dimensional design software
      • Working to British (BS), European (EN) and other standards
      • Liaising with others in the design team
      • Liaising with clients and contractors
      • Attending meetings on and off site
      • Designing and conducting tests
      • Recording, analysing and interpreting test data
      • Proposing modifications and retesting products
      • Qualifying the final product or system
      • Preparing product documentation, writing reports and giving presentations
      • Monitoring a product in use to improve on future design.
      Skills required:
      • Excellent math, science, technology and IT skills
      • The ability to analyse complex problems and assess possible solutions
      • The ability to explain design ideas clearly
      • Strong decision-making skills
      • Excellent communication skills
      • The ability to prioritise and plan effectively
      • Good budgetary skills
      • Excellent team working and people skills
      • A comprehensive understanding of electrical health and safety regulations
      • Comply with Group and Site specific H & S policies and Codes of Practice, including the development and implementation of Risk Assessments, Safe working Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures
      • To take responsibility for the operations an oversight of operational sites in the absence of the A.D. Operations Manager and to be included in the out of hours alarm response rota
      • Willing to work in close proximity to organic waste, willing to handle the waste as necessary, able to work in confined spaces and at heights.
      Experience and Training:
      • Relevant degree
      • Apprentice trained in Mechanical Engineering
Minimum HNC in Mechanical Engineering, with 10+ years experience
      • AutoCAD
      • AutoDesk Inventor 3D and full use of the VAULT.

      Send us your CV and a Cover Letter to [email protected]


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