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  • Mechanical Design Engineer Opening in - (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by topbilr, Jun 19, 2014.

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      I’m a Retainer Recruiter working on a filling a Mechanical Design Engineer role in West Michigan. ​
      They have been in business over 45 years. They are experiencing explosive growth, 40% year over year. They are expanding manufacturing operations to Grand Rapids, Michigan as such we are looking to hire their first Mechanical Design Engineer for Grand Rapids. This person will on the ground floor with great opportunities for growth as the company continues to expand.​
      Ideally we need welding automation machine Design (Systems) or weld positioners, Gantry’s etc. design experience. (Their systems would pick up a part and put it into to place to weld + 1000 lbs and up – so VERY LARGE HEAVY PARTS). A fit will work at a company designing the machines/ systems - not a Tool/ Product for another company to be manufactured.​

      Really any Machine Design Guy who is working on Machines or systems that are moving large parts is worth looking at. They have Welding guys and controls guys that can do the programming if the person is not knowledgeable about Welding, that would of course be ideal if they did, but we don’t want to rule anyone out at this stage. (Think lifting heavy loads.)

      An Example Project for them would be working for John Deere and doing a weld positioner for them, it would lift up a small tractor so it can be welded. (Not robotically welded - they don't do robots.) They called it hard / fixed automation. They would design and deliver the positioner (Machine) and the corresponding welding system needed to complete the project. The end user is buying the machine or system not an end product, so a person working for an OEM working on Welding Systems or machines in house that are manufacturing a product will in almost all cases not be a match. They are designing the machines that position, or move, etc. then weld the end product, their end customer is buying these systems to install in their plants to Mfg/assemble their end product.

      The ideal Mechanical Design Engineer will be self-driven and have extensive experience in taking design prints and proofing them for manufacturability. You will need to have the ability to do FEA’s. You should also have experience with design software like SolidWorks or an ancillary 3-D package.

      If your interested please reply to me direct @ [email protected] I will reply with the full job out-line. (Feel free to send a copy of your resume or LinkedIn profile for review.) ​

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