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    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by CarolineGregory, Mar 30, 2010.

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      Mar 2010
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      Mechanical Design Engineer, Precision Engineering, Cambridgeshire

      Our client needs an experienced engineer to join their team and to put designs into operation.

      The ideal candidate will have the following profile:

      An Engineering degree (or similar) relevant to mechanical design
      Proven mechanical design using 3D CAD
      Hands on and keen to design not to manage
      Experience in a precision engineering
      Familiarity of design analysis and a knowledge of materials and their properties
      The ability to produce innovative designs to solve complex problems
      Cost awareness, flexibility and initiative
      A good team player with the tenacity to implement your ideas

      Any or all of the following would be an advantage:

      Knowledge of vacuum design
      Experience with FEA techniques
      Experience with SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations (SAP for EC&O)
      Experience of 5-Axis Motor Control System

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