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  • Mechanical Design Engineer Role In East Yorkshire

    Discussion in 'Jobs available' started by ABGINT, Oct 13, 2013.

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      Oct 2013
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      Hi all,

      I manage a team of mechanical design engineers in Bridlington, East Yorkshire and need another engineer immediately.

      we work in the narrow web / print industry and manufacture bespoke machines for converting printed paper into labels. We have sites in Bridlington, Driffield, holland, Germany, France, Spain and North America with manufacturing and design in England and Germany.

      we are a fast growing, family owned business with over 200 employees now but always struggle for engineers because of our location. I do not want to go down the contractor route,I want permanent employees who want to be part of something and have a relationship with what they design.

      Designers will run with projects from cradle to grave, we manufacture 70% of all of our parts on site in a state of the art machine shop so it's a pretty close community.

      the role depends on the individual! I have a requirement in both production and r&d and depending on who comes in I may move others around to get the best from everyone.

      we are on solid edge st6 at the minute but anyone with solid works or pro-e will pick it up quickly (training will be given). The design role includes specifying drive systems (servo motors, belts, pulleys etc.). Working with moving parts, pneumatics and rollers etc.

      im happy to go into further detail with anyone who is interested, the ideal candidate is a time served mechanical engineer who has spent time machining (milling and turning), assembling and fitting before moving into design. This appreciation of that side of the industry is very important to me. Any experience in printing or packaging will be useful but not essential (it is rare).

      feel free to check out the companies website www.abgint.com

      many thanks,

      Matthew Goacher.
      design manager
      ABG international ltd

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