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    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by todaniele, Aug 26, 2011.

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      I am an Italian mechanical design engineer. I have a strong experience in mechanical designing, over 10 years, I developed a great attitude and experience in design aided with 3D modelling softwares such as Pro-E, Inventor, Solidworks, Solidedge, Alibre and 2D drawing softwares such as AutoCAD and similar.

      September 1995 – July 2000:
      High school diploma (DSE - diploma) "Industrial Engineer"
      Technical institute "E.Majorana" of Melzo, Score: 95/100

      September 1998 – July 2000:

      Two year post graduated course "Mechanical R&D Engineer"
      Technical Institute of Melzo, Maximum score

      September 1995 – June 1998:

      Three year vocational course "engineering vehicle"
      Major in "injection systems and turbocharged "
      Technical school of Gorgonzola, Maximum score with honours

      October 2010 – present:
      I joined FAI Filtri in 2010, an in Industrial filtration company, to support the mechanical design engineering within the business.
      I am responsible for intake air valves, and filtration's blocks.
      I am mechanical design engineer and project leader. I also work with laboratory, where I do tests, prototypes and research.
      I am also responsible for production technology in order to find new methods and new machines for a production Optimization.

      May 2007 – October 2010:

      I joined OARA (one of Atlas Copco's partners) In 2007, a drill rigs machines company.
      I was responsible of engineering of drill rigs machines “MUSTANG Series†for oil and gas industry, civil constructions industry, and others.
      I designed heavy and light frames, feed beam, perforation rotary head, hydraulic cylinders and all machine's parts. Using mechanical calculation where it was necessary.
      I followed customers in their requirements and I designed a large amount of customized machines. In many cases I put all components together from an idea or a sketch..
      I also edited technical documentation.

      For further technical information about MUSTANG drilling rigs follow the link below:

      December 2005 - May 2007:
      I joined Impresind in 2005, an Heating, cooling and ventilation company, to support design the engineering, research and development within the business.
      I was responsible for adiabatic cooler machines “COLDAIR Seriesâ€.
      I developed a new line of adiabatic machines for industrial and commercial applications.
      I decided to design an adiabatic cooler machine (based on Mollier diagram) because it is very efficient and cheap, specially indicated for industrial and commercial buildings.
      I was also responsible for laboratory. I built and tested all prototypes by myself.
      I was workers trainer and I was manager in production lines, installation service and customer service.
      Moreover I edited all user's and maintenance manuals, and all technical documentation.

      For further technical information about COLDAIR follow the link below:

      April 2002 - December 2005:

      I joined E.C. in 2002 an engineering company.
      I was responsible for supporting the mechanical design engineering to other companies
      cattle treatment machines
      tanneries machines
      Industrial presses
      plastic moulded components
      sheet metal manufacts
      high precision mechanical manufacts
      light and heavy carpentery
      I helped these companies to develop their products from the idea to the realization, finding the best solutions for them and for the market.
      I was also AutoCAD trainer consultant.

      September 1999 - April 2002:

      When I was attending my last year at school, Synergon recruited me to support the mechanical design engineering within the business. they choosed me among hundreds schoolboys because I had best marks.
      I was responsible for the mechanical design of “moulded slip rings†and “cable reels machinesâ€.
      I was also responsible for research and development, to support the product industrialization and optimization.
      I edited all user's and maintenance manuals, and all technical documentation.

      -Pro Engineer
      -AutoCAD 2D-3D

      -Microsoft Office (and similar)

      -Photoshop (and similar)



      Read: good
      Write: good
      Speak: good

      Read: scolastic level
      Write: scolastic level
      Speak: scolastic level

      literature and philosophy, mechanics, three-dimensional modelling, architecture, nature and pets


      Name: Luca Codeluppi
      Relationship: Employer
      Contact Details: [email protected]

      Name: Silvia Meneghini
      Relationship: Employer and Colleague
      Contact Details: [email protected]

      I have to guarantee six weeks of notice period in according to the contract I have signed.
      (four weeks negotiable)

      Please, feel free to contact me for any further information.

      Yours sincerely
      Daniele Todaro

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