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  • Mechanical Effect of Cross Winds on Motorcycle of Differing Centers of Gravity

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Wilbur4s, Feb 2, 2015.

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      Feb 2015
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      I am having a debate with a few of my riding buddies. It is in relation to the effects of cross winds on bikes of differing centers of gravity. So here is the basic question:

      Given two bikes a and b, both of which have the following exact same characteristics:
      a) weight
      b) area and form of cross section
      c) steering and suspension geometry
      d) wheel/tire weight the same

      My effort here is to isolate wind effects to just the difference in center of gravity.

      (This can be imagined as any two imaginary bikes or, in fact, two actual bikes that have both a trunk/tail bag and panniers in which one bike has the trunk/tail bag and panniers empty, and the other has them full with heavy gear)

      And, guys, please this is NOT a discussion of how much the center of gravity actually can be changed by loading or not the panniers and trunk/tail bag. I only suggest that it could be such a bike to help with practical visualization.

      So with that set of givens, which bike will be more disturbed in direction of travel by any given cross wind, the bike with the higher or lower center of gravity?

      The answer that I'd really like from this forum would include the that relevant calculations. If I just get an "opinion" without the science behind, my buddies will still think their position is right.

      Thanks, Will

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