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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by damirlukic, Dec 15, 2011.

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      Dec 2011
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      Hi guys,
      I'm an engineer with 8 years experience in design. At a ripe old age of 38 I have developed a bit of an obsession with designing things. As most here I'd expect.
      I have been running my own business for 10 years, design, 3D cad, last three years CAM and CNC machining for the motor sport industry. Have developed many skills that are indispensable. I have a million ideas a day, not enough time in the day for them all....lol...
      Have made a slow progression to firearms/components design as a hobby, eventually may turn it into a business.
      My strengths are bringing products from an idea to a working prototype and low volume manufacturing.
      Have started doing some freelance mechanical/product design for clients across diverse industries. Love a good challenge.
      I'm itching to get into some ultralight aircraft design and builds, as most mech heads always make room for new hobbies.
      I find just about everything interesting, hope fully one day they find a pill for it, I'm sure it is some form of a sickness....lol...
      Hope to meet some interesting people on here, and learn and share more.


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