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  • Mechanical Engineering (Felony?)

    Discussion in 'The Leisure Lounge' started by clypso2013, Jan 22, 2015.

    1. clypso2013

      clypso2013 New Member

      Jan 2015
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      Hello forum! Ok so I planned on starting college this august for Mechanical Engineering. Now I have some worries about the field because by the time I finish it will be 8-9 years ago from a felony conviction "Harassment of a public servant" charge I had. I was wondering is this something that will hold me back from getting a job? Should I just go for Petro eng. instead? I heard a lot of felons are in the oil industry so I was thinking perhaps I would be better off doing that. I would appreciate some honest advice before I dedicate myself into this field. I am currently in Houston, Texas. Thank you
    3. thebestjake

      thebestjake Member

      Apr 2013
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      What might hold you back is saying there are a lot of felons in O&G ;)

      No discipline of engineering is more or less accommodating to a criminal past. You might have some trouble if you wanted a PE License so I would avoid a job that requires that (HVAC for example).

      Do what you enjoy, work hard, and you will find a job.

      Plenty of people with a criminal record get hired as engineers. Be honest and upfront. Explain what and why. And the important part, what you learned, and why your criminal past is in the past. 8 years is a lot of time between you and a conviction. Just don't get popped for a DUI or anything else between now and then.

      FYI there are more mechanical engineers in O&G than Petroleum. Petroleum engineers do a very specific part. MEs are everywhere. A much broader application of a degree.

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